Rapier Reeds

Our company is one the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporter of Rapier Reeds with Selvedge. The supplied products are produced by the newest technologies and equipments with proper maintenance by experts and engineers. Our supplied products are long lasting because of the effective machines operated by us. Besides that, the product developed by us beautifies the fabric quality of the material with proper looming activities.


  • Enhances fabric quality
  • Improved loom efficiency
  • Great lifespan


Rapier & Projectile Loom Reeds A. Solder B. Solder Double Spring C. Synthetic (Epoxy) 3mm to 6mm 0.1mm to 2.0mm 90mm to 140mm Up to 6060mm Low Carton Steel High Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Sulzer, Somet Domier, Rapier, N.P Vamatex & Picanol

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